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Wooden pergola Kits with Different Types

Wooden pergola Kits with Different Types

So What Basically Is A Pergola?

Don’t you know the answer? well if you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re not alone. With so many different kinds of backyard structures with different styles and shapes to provide homeowners with shade and seclusion, it’s easy to confuse pergolas with their counterparts.

So we will explain what is a pergola, different types of pergola, design, benefits, and purposes of a pergola so you can make the best decision for your new outdoor feature.

Pergolas are landscaping outdoor structures that create shaded walkways, passageways, or sitting areas in gardens with four vertical posts that support an open roof of crossbeams. Pergolas vary in shape and size according to someone’s needs.

Pergola designs which Reflect your living style

They can be of extremely small providing cover or shade to the front doorstep or they can cover a walkway hundreds of meters long.

Pergolas are primarily of two types-

wooden pergola
Types of wooden pergola

1) Gable pergola– gable roof pergolas have a higher roof with open ends to allow airflow. They provide better light and cool environment

Gable Pitched Roof Pergola

2) Flat pergola-these types of pergolas are highly versatile structures that can provide a lot of flexibility. The whole pergola is all one level across the board.

Wooden Pergola
Flat Wooden Pergola


Types of pergola designs

Types Of Pergola

While there are several types of pergolas designs each one has its own primary form and function that separate them from the rest of the outdoor structures. Some of them are-

1) WPC/Composite wood Pergolas-

WPC Composite wood Pergolas

WPC/Composite wood pergolas are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability, durability, and universal design. One of the many benefits of choosing a vinyl pergola is being able to choose a custom design that meets your needs and personal design preference.

2) Open Top-

Open top Wooden Pergola

As most of the pergolas are designed without a roof to allow sufficient sunlight and air-condition. Often placed are gardens to create an appeal to the landscape and can be enhanced further with the help of trailing vines.

3) Aluminum Pergola-

Aluminum pergola

Aluminum pergolas are a wise choice for areas that are frequently affected by harsh weather conditions. The Aluminium frame holds up very well in extreme weather conditions and also lasts longer than its counterpart

4) wooden pergola

Wooden pergola

The classic and always in fashion. The wooden pergolas are preferred by most due to their natural appearance and the ability to blend in any kind of outdoor conditions providing a natural appeal to its surroundings.