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Wooden Fences at Front Porch Designs and Ideas

Wooden Fences at Front Porch Designs and Ideas

A wooden fence is usually made from northern white Wood, which includes picket, backer rail, post and post cap. Meranti wood is one of the most durable woods and is most resistant to decay and insects. Use it primarily: to secure privacy, safe children and pets, prevent air and noise safely, and prevent unsafe waste in a swimming pool. But the right fence also looks a strong beauty, thereby improving the curb of the house.

Wooden fence
Wooden fences ideas

For some time, the front porch fence is used for decorative fences, while others look to preserve their enclaves equally with up-to-task barricades. Nowadays, the design of the fence ensures both safety and style.

Why only a wooden fence? It is cheap and light, but the chain is strong. The special reason is that wood fences can be easily shaped to give character and personality.

You can see some forms of a wood fence and ideas, and before buying it you must read our suggestion once so that you can enjoy it in the coming time.

Picket Wooden Fence Ideas

The idea of ​​decorating the outer part of a house with a picket fence is the American icon. It looks strong, attractive and easily frugal with vertical boards.

wooden fence ideas
Picket Wooden Fence Ideas

From time to time, it has been considered a symbol of peace and security in many films shooting. Another reason is that the style is permanent, practicality; Picket creates a feeling of open space and keeps the animals inside and outside the yard. Decorative pointy heads also keep rainwater away from the last grain of the wood, which extends the life of the fence. Generally, the picket fence made of local wood, in some areas, is necessary to mark the boundaries of the property.


Rustic Split Fences is one of the most modern fence ideas and designs today. Traditional 3-slat designs require strong fencing related to the control of border markers and large animals worldwide. To give a unique look to the fence with bright flowers, rustic split timing of wood you can plant it with you can use.

Simple Boundaries

Simple Boundaries

Borderlines are made of carved wood to mark the division with a path that looks like a cottage. To welcome your guests for a visit, think of the spring and summer posts as well as the annual vines of your route and lining.

Meranti Wood Fence Ideas

Meranti Wood Fence Ideas
Meranti Wood Fence Ideas

The most popular wood fence emerges in UAE from the Meranti due to availability. But if you are thinking of a wooden fence that will last until your lifetime, then definitely consider using Meranti.

Benefits of Installing wooden fences

Save Money

Wood fencing products are among the most expensive materials you can buy for fencing in the budget. In comparison, the production and installation of cast iron lead to more expensive.

Durable/Adaptable Fencing

If you are looking for a grand long fence for your front porch, think about the timber. The professionally established wooden fence can last for decades with maintenance.

Increase Property Value

The wood fence is a property that increases your value. For whatever reason you need a new fence, it is established by the professional fencing company.