wooden car parking pergola

Wooden Car Parking Pergola in Dubai

Wooden Car Parking Pergola in Dubai

Car Parking Pergola in Dubai, Creative Corner Decor Manufacture and Supply Car Parking pergola All over the United Arab Emirates. Often seen people living in Dubai have space problems. Also, people have a lot of trouble keeping their car; to protect your car from bird’s droppings, you can build a wooden car parking pergola. This will protect your car from dust and bird poop. Car parking is standalone structures that are useful for protecting cars and other vehicles from bird droppings as well as other elements such as dust and dirt. These structures are either freestanding or are built on top of a secure foundation. You can set up a wooden car parking pergola in the backyard of your house which will increase the value of your house and also maintain the shine of your car. Mainly, a car parking pergola has four posts and a roof, which is adequate to shelter any vehicle.

car parking pergola in dubai

Car parking pergola is available in a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, fabric, and wood. Amidst all this, wooden car-houses are very much liked by the homeowners due to their look, availability, and ease of installation and their pricing. However, not all wooden car parking pergola are the same; they differ in their design, durability, and price.

Creative Corner Decor offers the most modern car parking wooden pergola design in the United Arab Emirates. They are specialized in manufacturing different types of car parking pergola for different needs. They have different cantilever styles including start terms and rolls that can be manufactured in double or single options for small or very large parking areas. They use the best quality of wood and different types of wooden polishes and paints to give an elegant look at your wooden car parking shade.

car parking pergola

Here we are giving information about some important things; from which you will need while buying wooden car parking pergola:

First, you need to find out what kind of elements your car needs protection from: this life is not necessary because there is a difference in the design and construction of your wooden pergola. If you live in a wind prone area, you need to make strong wooden pollen and it is worth a bit more. On the other hand, if you live in an icy area, then you will need to design wooden pergola in a structural manner with snow loading allowances.

Car Parking Pergola Dubai

You must be aware of the thickness of the construction of the car parking pergola: The best car parking pergola are those that come with 10 thick protrusions and are 13 cm x 6 cm. can support. These structural specifications ensure the strength, durability, and safety of wooden carpets.


You should think about building quality roofs: one can have wood car parking with a gable roof or a flat roof. For this, you need to know what type of roof you need.

Wooden Car Parking Pergola Pricing: Car parking pergola prices range in many ranges, ranging in price from modest range to top range. Contact  Creative Corner Decor to know the right budget so that you know its quality as well as the right price.