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Kiosk Designers/ Mall Kiosk/ Display Stand

What is kiosks?

Kiosk is a small stand that usually use in high-traffic areas for business purposes. Whit kiosks you can provide information and applications on education, e-commerce, entertainment and many other topics.

3 Common Types of Kiosk stand and uses

1. Touch Screen Kiosks.

This touch screen kiosks stand-alone device use for touchscreen interface and uses highly advanced programming software. Like as kiosks are often used in the retail or consumer industry and those place where very highly traffic areas where people can get information with the touch of a finger.

2. Internet Kiosks.

These kiosks are used for internet access in the public area. These are usually installed at the airport, hotel lobbies and apartment offices. Aside from monitors, keyboard and mouse this type of kiosk sometimes offers you to credit card swipe and bill payment capabilities.

3. Photo Kiosks.

Photo kiosk is the most common for instant print stations, digital order stations, DVD vending, movie ticketing, building directory and public transport ticketing kiosks.

Some Interactive Kiosk Examples

1. Directory or Information Kiosk
2. Product Promotion Kiosk
3. Self-Service Kiosk
4. Vending Kiosk

Chose kiosks from large variety that you really like

If you are looking for portable trade show kiosks and counters for your multimedia show and display needs that can be easily integrated into any size trade show booth.

We are offering you an array of quality portable kiosk solutions including following kiosk.

1 – Kiosk counters.
2 – iPad kiosks.
3 – Digital kiosks – For slide show style graphic images.
4 – Monitor kiosks.
5 – Stands for LCD.

By using these kiosks multimedia capabilities, you can navigate the customer through a presentation, readily and easily and drive your messages products and service.

With the help of kiosks, you can save your customer time. Customer can purchase your products directly form your site in your booth or they can sign up for your notifications emails or other information related to your company, products, service.

We have many kiosks counters with customizable with full color graphic options, color finishes, sizes, and accessories.

We have all types of portable kiosks that are easy to use and set up, tear down and packable into shipping cases for convenient transport from show to show.

Few Benefits Of Using Kiosks In Business

1. Improves Customer Buying Experience
2. Increases Your Customer Base
3. Reduces Costs
4. Helps Save Time
5. Helps with Branding and Advertising
6. Helps Validate Product Ideas

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Kiosk Display Stand