Materials That Can Be Used To Make A Pergola in dubai

Materials That Can Be Used To Make A Pergola in dubai

An outdoor pergola is a nice addition to your garden or outdoor area. Apart from providing shade and cover, it also has a decorative purpose. Pergolas can be built in various shapes and sizes. It all depends on the purpose of building it and it will also directly affect the types of material used. Every material which can be used to make a pergola serves its own purpose and have some advantages and disadvantages over others. In fact building, an outdoor pergola may involve a selection from a number of materials as we will be talking about one by one.


1) Wooden made pergola-

A wooden pergola can be made to be an individual or as part of a wall. Wood can complement both types of designs. Wood is the most commonly used worldwide material for making outdoor structures such as a pergola. A pergola made up of wood is called wooden pergola. The reason behind using wood as the material for making a pergola is the natural look it provides although some people prefer to paint it as well in order to increase the lifespan of the wood and prevent it insects and termites which can harm the wood.


The wooden pergola can be further classified by the type of wood from a wooden pergola is made. The most common types of wood used for building pergolas include-

  1. African teakwood
    African teakwood for making a pergola
    Ashwood For Making Pergola
    Meranti wood
    Meranti wood for making Pergola
    Oak wood
    Oakwood For Making Pergola
    Pinewood For Making Pergola

    White Wood
    White Wood For Making Pergola


Each of these woods has some strength as well as some weaknesses. But the common reason for which these woods are used in particular is the natural oil which they contain making them more resistant to rot, decay, termites, fungi, and insects as well as warping and shrinking. In order to provide further protection from extreme weather, the wood is sealed further. It will also reduce the emergence of problems such as chipping and cracking.

Pergola made with metal
Pergola made with metal

2) Metal made Pergola

Building pergola from metal may not be very appealing and justified in the eyes of some people who prefer it to be more natural.  However, some people go for resistance than natural look and such cases building a pergola out of metal is the best option. It is known to all that metal is the most resistant material, the only downside being is its exposure to moisture resulting in corrosion and rust, hence it is very important to take appropriate actions in order to protect the metal from rust.


By galvanizing and maintaining the metal with suitable sealers on regular bases will prevent rust from emerging

Pergola Made With WPC
Pergola Made With WPC

3) WPC made Pergola

WPC is yet another good option for building a pergola. The advantage of using a wpc as material for a pergola is the durability and resistance to outdoor conditions which is not the case with wood and metal. Another advantage of preferring wpc over other materials is the maintenance factor. Pergolas made with wood or other materials need maintenance on a regular basis which is not the case with pergolas made with wpc.

Pergola made with brick and stone
Pergola made with brick and stone

4) Brick or Stone made Pergola

Some people may prefer to build a pergola with brick or stone. This is usually done to match the pergola with house facade, especially if the pergola will be extending from one of the house’s outdoor walls. This is a good choice as brick and stone are naturally tough materials and can withstand harsh weather as well as resistant to corrosion. Also, they need little maintenance as compared to wood and metal