materils Used in Fences work

Materials From which Fences Can Be Made in UAE

Materials From which Fences Can Be Made in the United Arab Emirates

Before planning to install a new fence you have to do a lot of research on what are your requirements and what kind of fence will suit that requirement. Before buying and installing a fenced lot of things need to be considered as each and every material has its own advantages and disadvantages. You have to prioritize your needs and wants. Also, keep in mind which factors are most important to you. Is it longevity, color, style, cost or durability? After that only you will be able to select the material for your fence. To help you get started we will be talking about some of the pros and cons of different materials used for building fences.

Wooden Fences Design

1) Wooden fence

Wooden fence brings style and elegance to your yard and is considered one of the long-lasting option for your landscaping. One of the priorities for homeowners is their privacy. Wooden fences can deter strangers from glancing into your yard. Here are some pros and cons for wooden fences that must be kept in mind while installing wooden fences.

Pros and Cons Of Wooden Fences


a) durability-While the lifespan of a wooden fence is around 5-10 years, it can also be extended with proper care. If maintained properly this type of fence can last for decades. Compared to other materials it has the ability to resist impact.

b) Environment-friendly- Many people are switching to wooden fences due to the increase in carbon footprint. It is easier to decompose and dispose of wood as compared to other materials which take hundreds of years to decompose.

c) Adaptable look-wooden fences can are very flexible as they can be customized as per need. You can color the wooden fence of your’s choice, can have designs, shape, and height as per your choice means they can be made as unique as you may require.


a) Cost-While the initial cost for installing a wooden fence may be low but maintaining the same looks for years is costlier if compared with other materials.

b) Vulnerable to infection-Wooden fences are easily infected by termites. If not taken care properly they start to rot. So it’s important to keep them under check every now and then.

2) Vinyl Fences-

vinyl fences design in dubai
vinyl fences design in Dubai

Whether you need a decorative flair or you need additional security, vinyl fences may be the one you are looking for. They are similar to wooden fences in looks but with low maintenance, as they are not subject to any weather or time effect like rooting, fading, etc.

Pros and Cons Of Vinyl Fences


a) Solid-Vinyl fences are pretty solid as they are unaffected by the changes in weather and time and do not rot, crack or allow any growth of fungus. They are resistant to fire and pests such as termites.

b) Low maintenance-Fences made up of vinyl don’t need maintenance, unlike others. I just need hosting from time to time.


a) cost: Though they are costlier than other materials, in the long run, the maintenance cost for vinyl fences is less than other materials.

b) Hard to repair-If any part of the fence is damaged no matter how minor it is, requires that section to be replaced by the professional.

3) Aluminum Fence-

Aluminum Fences ccdecor

They are known for their low maintenance, durability, and versatility. That is the reason why they are preferred by most the business and homeowners to secure their turf. Aluminum fences come in many options with high quality. Besides, it is strong, rust-proof, long-lasting, and visually diverse.

Pros and Cons Of Aluminum Fences


a) Cost-The cost of installation and maintenance is lower than other options and at the same time are strong and reliable.

b) Low maintenance-It requires low maintenance as aluminum is not prone to rust as it is resistant to the oxidation process.


a) Privacy concerns- As these types of fences are see-through they don’t provide any privacy from stalkers and prying neighbors.

b) Installation-The installation takes a longer time duration than others.