How to build a pergola

How to build a pergola in Dubai

How to build a pergola in Dubai

A pergola is like an open outdoor structure that provides you shelter from wind or rain and is made of wooden posts and also has a roof. Why do people build it? Because it makes up for your lack of walls and a roof, and the pergola defines an outdoor space without forcing it. Pergolas have common features of Renaissance gardens, often covering walkways or serving as grapes. Pergola remains to stimulate and spread on plants such as wisteria or honeysuckle and protect you from the sun. Pergolas are often made by people at the backyard of the house and at the entrance of your garden, on a passageway, in a seating area that can be placed against the wall to shade.

For pergola, you need wood such as cedar or redwood, vinyl, aluminum for supporting posts, fiberglass. Whenever you think of Pergola construction, think about its design, which will improve your perspective of Wooden Pergola.

How to Build a Wooden Pergola:

1). Choose Right Location and Space in your area for a Pergola kit

Your states and cities have zoning laws that prohibit certain types of construction. To ensure that you can build a pergola on your property, you need to ask your local building commission or zoning department there is a need to make contact. You need a permit before starting construction. And you also have to dig deep holes deep inside the ground.


2). Prior to foundation

Before making a hole, once you make sure there are no buried utilities in the area, dig with a handheld posthole digger or rent a power auger. You may also need a shovel to widen the hole. For this, you need a brace board, one end of the brace against the ground and the other end against your post.


3). Set The Posts 

First of all, you need to know whether the post is placed using a 3-foot level. Using a steak, pierce the brace. Find out if they are safe. Prepare your ready mix concrete to fill the holes. Each hole requires approximately four to six bags. Here, mix the fast-drying cement as per the manufacturer’s instructions and pour it into the holes.


4) Roof construction with the help of beams and rafters.

Build the roof with the help of beams and rafters. The beams connect to the posts and carry the load for the structure. You need to put two to four beams on each side. Rafters have hooks attached above the beam. Buy rafters to size as you need. You will save time at the time of installation.


5). Install The Roofing

Once the concrete is ready, you can apply the beams and rafters further to ensure that your column is protecting the beam. You can make pergola beautifully with the help of painting or by blurring it.

Paint or stain the pergola to look extremely beautiful and allow it to dry for sufficient time before use. You can use vines or other climbing plants above the pergola.