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How much does it cost to build a 12*12 Wooden Pergola?

How much does it cost to build a 12*12 Wooden Pergola?

12 × 12 Wooden Pergola plan

Wooden Pergola
Wooden Pergola plans

This step-by-step DIY project is about 12 × 12 Wooden Pergola plan. I designed this pergola with 12 × 12 base and 14 × 14 roofs so that you can make a well-shaded area in your backyard. It is very easy to make a square pergola, while it looks very beautiful for which we try the most.

Whenever you buy a block of wood, then pay attention while selecting the frame so that it can be ensured that they are straight and without any visual impairment (crack, lump, turn, and decay). Investing in cedar or other weather-resistant wood is a good idea because it lasts for a long time. Before applying galvanized screws, use a soul level to leave components and align them, otherwise, the project will not appear properly. If you have all the materials and equipment needed for the project, you can finish the work in about a day.

Cost breakdown

The cost of pergola installation will depend on many things: DIY- build, material, size location and more.

Materials used in making Wooden Pergola:

wooden pergola
Materials Used in Making Wooden Pergola

The standard pergola 1 built in the size described is going to use Four pieces of 6×6 lumber for  8′ long POSTS, Four pieces of 2×8 lumber for 14′ long SUPPORT BEAMS,11 pieces of 2×6 lumber for 14′ long SHADE ELEMENTS,6 pieces of 1×2 lumber – 14′ long SLATS.

Stain or seal:

Pergola can be made from anything other than cedar so that it can be considered if it becomes staining or sealing the entire structure completely. The reason for this is that the boards can easily start taunting or rotting if they are not made to be slightly impermeable for the weather conditions.

Cost to build a DIY pergola

There is a pergola somewhere between a gazebo and a shed. This gives you a little coverage or sheds from the sun, at the time of sunshine, but it gives the feeling of comfort to all people during the flow of air. It is an ideal structure to support plants and flowers and can work as a wonderful outdoor room.

The good thing about a pergola is that it is relatively easy to make and to be successful only requires an intermediate knowledge of carpentry. Because of the difference in the cost of design, the cost of materials and the labor required to set them, the costs of Pergolas vary widely. A small open-roofed pergola made of an inexpensive wood can be as low as $ 3,000 to be set up in some parts of the country, while more detailed pergolas with solid fir or redwood beams and a solid roof can run $ 15,000 or more. For the purpose of this discussion, we will assess the cost and requirements of building a DIY pergola.

Custom made pergola

This custom paragraph starts from $ 7,000 and is the most expensive option for $ 10,000 or more. The custom build will give you more variety in Pergola’s design, location, and style.