Guide on How to Install a Wooden Pergola

Guide on How to Install a Wooden Pergola

Guide on How to Install a Wooden Pergola

The construction and installation process of a wooden pergola totally depends upon your requirement and the location of pergola where it will be installed, whether your pergola is going to be attached or detached from your home, has an open or solid roof and the quality of materials going to be used for the construction pergola. The following are some of the basic processes for installing a simple detached wooden pergola.

1) Decision making

3d wooden pergola
Decision making

One of the first and most important steps is decision making. You need to discuss with a professional landscaping architect or a contractor and should discuss your thoughts. So, they can help you in figuring out what is the best location, size, and design for your pergola.

2) Check with respective departments

you should check with your local planning and building department about the criteria for the permits before installing a pergola. They may ask you about the size, height, property line and fire rating of the building material.

3) Create Blueprints

Blueprints of pergola
Blueprints of pergola

It is one of the crucial steps as blueprint will give you a fair idea and will help in visualizing how the structure going to fit with your home and landscape.

4) Purchasing the necessary material

Here comes the first step towards the actual construction of the pergola. You need to measure and purchase the right size materials for your pergola.

5) Install Footing and post

wooden pergola
Install Footing and post

It depends on the climate and size of structure how deep the post will go. As for cold regions, the post goes four to five feet deep so that they remain below the frost level.

6) Attach beams

Attach Beams
Attach Beams

Now is the time to attach beams on both sides of the posts to ensure that the beam can hold up the rafters. Thus, a pergola with four posts would have four beams two on each end.

7) Notch beams to make a place for rafters.

Notch beams
Notch Beams and make place for rafter

8) Install rafters

Installing rafter

Depending upon the amount of shade you require the rafter are attached.

9) Lay lattice or stringers

Lay lattice or stringers

Adding wooden strips to the roof will give a filtered effect and thus creating additional shade in a hot climate.

10) Painting the wood

Painting the wooden pergola
Painting the wooden pergola

The last step is to put the finishing touch by painting the wooden pergola to the color of your choice.


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