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5 Point To Having A Wooden Pergola Dubai

5 Point To Having A Wooden Pergola Dubai

A pergola is an open-sided structure usually made with wooden pillars and a framework topped with lattice. With plants or climbing vines, it makes a beautiful focal point in a garden.

wooden pergola, pergola at garden
pergola at the garden

1 -Extra Living Space

A pergola can be an extension of your indoor and outdoor living area. It can take your outside area to enjoy an airy and open space.

2 -Shade

Uncovered patio furniture can become quite hot in the summer months. With a well-designed of the pergola, you can reduce the amount of sunlight and enjoy the outdoors scene.

3 – Garden Design

A pergola can make a comfortable feature in your garden. With the climbing plants and vines, pergolas can provide shelter and create an area of interest in a garden sitting area or pathway.

4 – Privacy

If privacy is an issue, then a pergola that is strategically placed in your backyard and garden can give you more privacy from neighbors.

5 – Home Value

Having a pergola it may help your home sell faster by making it more attractive and beautiful.



wooden pergola
Modified wood pergola

Pergolas can be used with or without their canopies, giving you a great option for shade. Some models have adjustable canopies that allow you to follow the sun and stay comfortable and protected all day long.

Wooden Gazebos

Gazebo in garden

Gazebos are ideal if you’re looking for shelter since they can provide coverage during rainstorms. Some models are also available with netting or walls, usually sold separately, to further protect you from insects and wet weather.

Pergola, Patio or Gazebo: What’s the Difference?

1. Pergola: The Stronger of Designs

Pergola Made With WPC

Essentially the same design as a patio, pergolas consist of much sturdier construction. Its characteristics include four posts or columns supporting the freestanding structure with a rectangular shaped design. The biggest visual difference between a pergola and patio is in the roof. Typically, the roof of a pergola will consist of horizontal planks of wood and are flat and open. These days though, the word ‘pergola’ has become interchangeable with the use of a patio cover.

2. Pretty Patios

pretty girl sitting under the patio

A very similar design to the pergola, patios too are held up with four support posts, but they tend to come with a better variety of roofing options. Generally, patios are designed as an entertaining area because they provide adequate protection from the winter rain and sun. But because of this year-round exposure, they can require more maintenance than pergolas.

3. Freestanding Gazebo

freestanding gazebo
free standing gazebo

Gazebos are freestanding, octagonal structures that tend to be confused with pergolas. The main point of difference between the two is that a pergola is more commonly built on the side of an existing structure, whereas a gazebo is a structure on its own that is usually positioned as a focal point in the garden because of its decorative characteristics.